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    I have a new 100 list, i got my first member today and it is not appearing on the site at all. i want to invite others, but before i do i need to make sure it is working and why can't i get any of them to show up.
    she submitted it and it is not appearing.

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    Re: Help

    Once someone signs up they then should get an email in which they will need to go to, to confirm their listing.
    On your end when you log into your account, on the main page there will be a spot that will tell you, you have a member awaiting approval.

    It will look like this.

    There are currently 0 newly registered Members which are awaiting email verification
    There are currently 0 newly registered Members which are awaiting your approval
    There are currently 0 Members who changed their profiles and are now awaiting your approval

    Simply click (your approval)

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Help

    Usually your members doesn't show in your toplist because they have no incoming hits but "Minimum Incoming Hits" option in your control panel "Advanced Settings->TopList Options" is set to 1 or more.
    You can set "Minimum Incoming Hits" to 0 and manually rerank your toplist in your control panel to see all your members immediately.

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