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Thread: Spam

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    Angry Spam

    I am receiving a large number of new members that I consider SPAM. What can be done about this? I keep deleting them, but this is getting to be a huge bother. I get about 20 requests per week.

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    Re: Spam

    I really wish something could be done about this. Deleting these spammers everyday is VERY annoying!

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    Re: Spam

    Hello, we are working on this problem right now.
    What is done:
    Now toplist managers are able to see "ip address" of users.
    Manager's ban lists for phrases, words, website urls, emails and ips were fixed and now they work as they should.
    If you wish to ban the whole c-class ip-network then you should add it as follows xxx.xxx.xxx.*
    May be we'll add additional captcha to member's registration.

    If someone has other offers how to fight spam then you can post them in this thread or in tickets.

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