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Thread: How do I put a border around my topsite header?

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    How do I put a border around my topsite header?

    My topsite:
    http://embellishonline.gotop100.com doesn't have a border around the header area.
    My other topsite that I've just started for another site does have the border.
    I was using the new one to test the layout for the older one so I wouldn't mess it up, but I can't figure out what I've done or not done to have no border showing on the embellish top site. I've compared the css for both and even copied and pasted but somethings missing! Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

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    The two lists are not using the same layout. The embellish one is using an old layout. You would need to change it to one of the new layouts to get the border.

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    Thanks Dave! So when I do that will I lose anything in the css or in the list breaks?

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    Thanks! I got it! Good thing I saved the css or I would've lost it

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    Yes, any time you choose a new template it will overwrite the css so it is important to make a copy of the old version.

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