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Thread: Help with vote link eamils to members.

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    Help with vote link eamils to members.

    How do i set up a vote link and a email sent to them to tell them to verfied there account and then have and email sent with the vote link to add to there site and such.?

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    Re: Help with vote link eamils to members.

    Hi Captainfly316,

    I assume you have discovered by now that the 'vote link' and email sent to new members is sent automatically by gotop100 after someone adds their site to your list. LIST owners are allowed some editing to these emails but processing of new members is pretty much done for you after they fill out the form to add their site. A good way to see what your new members receive is to list a site of yours, on your own toplist. That way you can see the process as a new member AND as the list owner. cheers!
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