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Thread: GateWay experimenting

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    Re: GateWay experimenting

    Still got no response back from anyone running the program behind these lists. It's very disappointing. Without the comments, the votes don't really make a difference anymore. Anyone could click a link and "vote", but for someone to put something nice about your site (even if it's a little criticism), that was more useful than all these spam sites going up and getting 1000s of clickbait votes.

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    Re: GateWay experimenting

    Yeah, I stand by what I said, because it would seem that it's actually easier for sites to cheat. Because the moment the new measures got put in all of a sudden my site got spammed down the list I'm on. I've witness this month me being spammed vote. putting me out of banner range by 1500-1900 votes. Racking up 4000-5000 votes in a single day (probably more) for sites that haven't been active in years. I don't have an official count, but I kind of doubt that there is even a very small percentage of that number in every active site on the list I'm on even if you put them all together (there are 3 active sites on my list). That's not possible if the methods actually worked. In fact I am sure it's just one person. Pretty outrageous. Yes, I am behind your bring back the comments thing (and added it to my ticket), because that also seemed to keep things in check. (worst I witness then was sites (who were at least active) get to 100 votes fairly quickly. That was ok.)

    But yeah...would love to hear from the admin's.
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