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Thread: What's going on with Topsites lately?

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    Exclamation What's going on with Topsites lately?

    What's been going on with Topsites lately? The comments are disabled and incoming and outgoing "votes" don't seem to be tallying up anymore. Has topsites gone obsolete?

    I submitted a case two months ago asking these questions and was never answered. Does anyone else know anything about what's been up with this?

    It's been this way since the beginning of the year... and that's quite a long time to not have any answers!

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    Re: What's going on with Topsites lately?


    The votes are updating, but not uniformly across all lists. The individual list owners' settings, for resetting their votes e.g., may be affecting that. Also, the fact is that some owners have added a lot of large files to their lists which need to load before any back-up functions can occur. It maybe that the server backup 'times out' waiting for some lists to load so the site update doesn't complete.

    FYI, the gotop100.com domain name currently appears to be owned in Florida. The whole gotop100 website appears to be hosted on a GoDaddy server.
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