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Thread: Comments and ratings disabled, no hits in/out

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    Comments and ratings disabled, no hits in/out

    I have noticed that comments and ratings have become disabled on my topsite. It doesn't seem to be counting hits in/out either, and I found many others where the same is the case. I didn't disable them as an admin, those things are still turned on - so are these functions simply no longer supported?

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    Re: Comments and ratings disabled, no hits in/out

    Hi, animustop50, This thread from elsewhere on this forum may help to answer your question: http://www.gotop100.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5938 That thread seems to suggest that the voting gateway and the comments/ ratings are permanently disabled. Although they have not yet been removed from the actual lists. The votes and list re-sets etc have been frozen for about three weeks, but this is not the first time it has taken a while to re set the votes. It doesn't seem to be an automatic function on the owners' end??
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