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Thread: Deleting Members / Contact Members ?

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    Deleting Members / Contact Members ?

    Ok, so I deleted a member ID #112 last month. I just recently send out an email to all my topsite members and received a bounce notification from a particular email addy. I checked all my members and no one has that email and I got the confirmation email listing all those who my email successfully sent to which is all my members. My only assumption is that the bounced email if from the person who I removed from list last month. Why would this happen? Will I get a bounce notification from every member that gets removed? Or is this a glitch?

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    Once members are deleted, they are gone from the database. Please PM me with your list details, and the email address which bounced. If you could forward the bounce email to me too that would be great.


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    Sorry, I never got back to you on this. Problem was resolved. I sent the email out right after I deleted a member. I guess it takes a min or 2 for the system to recognize the changes.

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    Ok, glad all is well

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