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Thread: About IP address to investigate...

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    About IP address to investigate...


    Are you going to add IP addresses record for every topsite owners and admins to investigate their own control main menu page to find whose ip address from?

    I love to hear about it because if you are going to add it someday and I will be for sure kicking off the spammers, threaters, others like insulting or posting smutty things in the comments. Even thru, I can report to their isp service and the isp service has to make their own decision to suspend the account or terminate the person's account.

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    I am not sure - we are still looking into it.

    If the comments are causing you that much trouble, why don't you disable them?

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    For the comments, yes, I kept deleting them, but they kept coming back to post many smutty links and some threatenings against on some members in their own comments. I was really disappointed that 2 of my members asked me to remove their banners off of my own topsites, so I had to do for their sakes.

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    I mean disable the comments altogether - so that no one can post comments at all. Then you don't have to go through and delete them.

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    Go idea

    I think you're absolutely right to let me know about removing all comments, so no one can post again and again... I think I would inactive the comments anytime to prevent other people from coming back again to post multiply comments.

    BTW, if you set up the ip address records on all topsites for all webmasters, admin owners, etc. Be sure to email every topsite owner, so they will be more than happy accessing their own main board menu.


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