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    I haven't had my Top Site very long and now all of sudden I get a lot of questions about voting. They say it's not working right. What am I doing wrong. Here's my top site:


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    Other than the fact that it is very difficult to read the text and numbers, nothing is set up wrong. I would need more information as to what they mean by "not working right".

    All legitimate hits in and hits out are always counted.

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    My background

    I just changed my background today. It's much better and I hope that I did everything okay. Thanks for replying back to me.

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    You can, if that helps you and your members, make a link on your top list that tells people how your votings are done and what your rules are. Example from my top site: http://www.smcdk.dk/top50info.html
    Make it open in a new window so people don't click away from your top list.
    Your settings for your top list is in your manager settings/advanced/list options.

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