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Thread: Votes not regestering.

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    Still looking into it.

    What do you mean by votes though? Hits in?

    Why do you say that after clicking the link, you have to scroll to their site to vote?

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    No I go to the site first ( Not from the vote board) when there I press the link to vote for that board.....
    That link takes me to the top100 vote at Yuku....
    I then scroll down to the board I want to vote for and click the link....
    That click takes me back to the board I just voted for....

    I realize If I go to the board from the Yuku vote it will register as a out... we make sure we don't go there first...
    I think we are all doing this correctly....
    If were not please tell me what we need to change....

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    I think there is a terminology barrier here.

    The only thing you can do with gotop100 is count hits in, and hits out.

    When you place a link on your site, people click that link and are sent to the top list. Hits in for that site will increase by 1. This is what some people refer to as a "vote".

    As hits in for the site increase, they move up the list. There is nothing else involved. No need to scroll down to find the site or do anything else.

    I still don't know what you are calling a vote. What is not counting? Hits in? or what?

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    OK Your right... I did not explain myself correctly...
    Exactingly as you just posted is the way we are using it....
    But as said the Hits in or out are not all registering.

    As for today there were 16 hits to my board ..... only 2 have registered....

    These in hits were done early today and still 9 hrs later they have not registered....

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    You say there were 16 hits to your board.

    Did all 16 of those people click the link to the top list?

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    How do you know for sure?

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    I know for sure of 12 of those votes...
    There my staff and we met in our staffroom and we have been keeping tract of the hits that are not registering...
    so together we talk and we note when were going to click on a hit and come back and make a note of it to see if it would register ..
    and there not..

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    I just had 3 people click the link. Hits in went from 1185 to 1188.

    I temporarily changed the limit on voting for that list from 24 hours to 1 hour. In a couple of hours I'll have the same 3 people click the link again.

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    Oh so you are all voting from the same building? Possibly going through a router which means the same IP address?

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