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Thread: Votes not regestering.

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    at 9:15 am my time i was 1198.. so yes this is close..
    Why does it take so many hours to register?

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    It doesn't. It takes 1 hour.

    We proved that it works for you when you clicked that link that I posted here in the forum and it showed up on the top list within an hour.

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    Okay, sorry, I'm late coming to the party.

    I'm thinking Johanna, that maybe we're really not waiting the 24 hours as needed......and that is why if you vote, it's not showing right away.

    So, you'd have to keep track of the time you voted.

    I do have another questions though......and it's something that may be an issue for me in the coming months (Sorry Dave, you've been SOOO kind).
    But, I noticed you said it registers us or counts us by IP numbers. So, does that mean if I use a public computer, like the one at the library, that if someone else has used that computer to vote for a top 100 board, that my vote won't count, even if I sign up under my user name/etc at Yuku?

    I only ask this, because several of us use computers at work, and I have used the computer at the library when things weren't working for me at home. Just kind of doesn't seem right......

    Sorry to bug you, I am easily confused :roll:


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    Cindy I am waiting the full 24 hrs... and we all have tested this as you know.
    Also we check there How many time a day???
    Even if we were off a bit all the times we check should have registered the hit later on.. right??

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    Hi Cindy,

    If 2 people voted for the same site from the same computer in a 24 hour period, only one would count. If 2 people voted for different sites, no problem.

    Johanna, I don't understand why you're still worried about clicks/votes tht you did earlier today and yesterday when you admitted that you didn't know how to do the voting. How do you know these people weren't just on the top list already and scrolling down and clicking out to your site and thinking they were voting?

    Here's what we will do and then I'm going to lock this thread. Get 5 people together. Make sure none of you do anything regarding voting all day tomorrow. Meet me here Saturday morning. Make sure they are all ready to vote but that none of them do it until you and I are on here and we give them the go ahead. Make sure they know HOW to vote (by clicking the CORRECT link on your forum that leads to: http://yuku.gotop100.com/in.php?ref=228
    (nothing more).

    Again, IMPORTANT!!!! Make sure these 5 people don't vote for your site tongiht or all day tomorrow, and that they don't do anything Saturday morning until we're all ready.

    When everyone is ready Saturday morning I'll give everyone explicit instructions. I'll show you that it is working, and that it takes less than an hour for the 5 votes to show up on the list. Sound fair?

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    Is this possible to do this on Sunday instead??
    I have to go away early Saturday?
    It also gives us more time to not vote to be absolutely sure...

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    I could do Saturday evening, if that works.

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    No we will stay with Saturday morning....
    What time do you want us here??
    I also am having the others register here so they can be here at the time you request...
    If is after I leave Cindy will handle this with my staff...

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    I'll be here at 9 am Pacific time.

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    Hello I am Gayle, member of Canine Support and Johanna asked me to do this with you all....ok if you are here at 9 am Saturday....I am here at 6 am !!!! good thing I have some anxious doggies that will not allow me to sleep late lol..

    So you will be locking her group so no one else can go to it and click? I also just noticed you said not to have anyone vote on Friday! and since this is the first I saw of this, I did click for her group about 7am or so this morning, along with my groups

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