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Thread: Votes not regestering.

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    Votes not regestering.

    Hello My site is listed on the Yuku board of the top 100.
    I have brought this to the Yuku help forums but was told that they could not fix this problem...
    Our site : http://caninesupportgroup.yuku.com/ is only registering 1/4 th of the actually cast votes....

    We have tested this and held off voting for more then 24 hrs to make sure that we were all with in a save time to vote...
    Out of 21 votes made that day only 6 registered...
    We have been testing this for weeks now and its the same...
    No mater how many votes are made to our site, a small fraction are registering...
    is there anyway for this issue to be corrected??
    Its making everyone on my board losing all interest in even having our board listed if the actual votes are not going to register...
    Help please !!![/url]

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    What is the top list URL? Are you sure you're using the correct link code? Does the top list use a gateway page?

    Rest assured, all valid clicks are counted.

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    Also, hits are not counted real time. New hits only appear every re-rank.

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    We have tested this over and over and all the votes are NOT registering...
    We have all waited more then the full 24 hrs and re voted to make sure and out of a large amount of votes only a small fraction registered..
    I also posted this on the YUKU help boards and other members from other boards also responded with the same issue...

    This is the vote site.....http://yuku.gotop100.com/index.php

    Today already 13 people voted within the correct 24 hr time span and only 3 of those votes registered...

    Our board with this issue is :http://caninesupportgroup.yuku.com/

    Canine Support Group

    We realize that the site updates at a different time... We are waiting until the end of the night almost 12 hrs later and still those votes have not registered...
    What can be causing this to happen?
    Anything you can do to help us fix this would be so helpful.
    Thank you.

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    I'm not really following you.

    You have a bunch of people who are "voting" for the same site every day? Or people who all own their own sites and are "voting" for themselves?

    Do you own this top list?

    Where is the link to the top list that people are clicking?

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    No I do not own the top list.
    Chris at Yuku owns it... she could not help us...
    The yuku top100 vote is at this link:
    There are members on my board that vote.. those votes are not all registering..
    I have others from other boards that also vote for our board daily and they claim that there votes are also not registering ..
    Example :
    In a day if 15 people vote for my board and were sure that those votes were done after the last vote of 24 hrs only 3 or 4 of the 15 votes will register before the day is over...
    They really are not all registering.. we have tested this over and over...
    That is the reason I have brought this here to you.
    We really do not know where else to go to get it looked into.

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    Ok, but I need to know where on your site the link is that people are clicking to vote, or how exactly they are voting. Do they enter the URL into the browser or do they click a link somewhere?

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    There is a link that says " click here to vote for us".. on my site..
    The link does work... it brings them to the vote board then they have to scroll down to our link...

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    I'm sorry but that is how top lists work. When people click that link, they are taken to the list. The "hits in" for your site then increase by 1. That is a "vote" for the site.

    It doesn't have anything to do with scrolling down or clicking back out to your site, or rating it or anything else. It is simply this:

    1) When people click the link on your site, they are taken to the top list.
    2) The Hits In for your site increase by 1
    3) the more hits in you have, the higher up the list you go.

    If you can explain to me what you thought the voting was supposed to be, and what wasn't counting then I could look into that, but all valid hits in are counting.

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    Ok so far all that you are saying proves to me that were doing everything correctly...
    That is where the issue comes in..
    We are not getting all our votes and we don't know why..
    This is not just happening to just my board ether.
    When I posted this on the YUKU help forums other members from different boards also complained this was also happening to them..
    I know of another board I vote for everyday and so do my members vote for that board and at the end of the day that board only registered 2 votes at the most.....
    So its not just happening to my board only...
    Is there anyway someone can go to this vote site and see for them self that votes are not registering correctly on some boards??

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