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Thread: Reset RATINGS

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    Reset RATINGS

    Hi there,

    I tried to reset all the ratings -just the ratings- like this way:
    1) in the Reset options I select YES for the Reset Ratings, and NO for the others
    2) then I manually reset the list
    but nothing has changed.

    And this way:
    1) I set the member's Ratings and Rating Score to 0
    2) then I manually re-rank (and when It didn't work, I reset It too) the list
    but also nothing has changed, but the member's Ratings and Rating Score now the same numbers that I changed before..

    So.. what should I do? Please help! Thank U

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    What is your list?

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    Can you tell me why you want to reset the ratings when you don't even have the ratings enabled?

    Do I have your permission to reset your list? The hits in and hits out will go to 0.

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    I disabled the ratings because the problem.. I don't want to showing them before i can reset them to 0.

    There is no option, to keep the in and out hits, isn't it? If no, then I don't want to reset, thanks

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    If you have it set so that only ratings will reset, then it shouldn't affect in and out, but if something isn't working then I can't guarantee that the hits in / out won't get reset.

    You mentioned that you already tried to reset, right? But nothing changed?

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    Yepp. I set NO for hits in and out to keep them (and YES for ratings) , then i tried to reset but it has no effect.

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