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Thread: Trouble With The New Upgrades

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    Trouble With The New Upgrades

    While I appreciate that the changes may still be in progress, my most important difficulty at the moment is that I cant even log into my admin panel.

    I seem to have gained a bright blue toolbar at the top of my list - which until I can get into my panel I dont know whether I can turn off - I certainly dont much want it.

    I also vote on several other toplists and have noticed that the changes are sometimes causing the voting portals not to work properly,

    As for all the extra advertising, especially putting ads within the list itself, well it seem to be doing a very good job of driving my already dwindling number of visitors away.
    I can understand wishing to maximise revenue but I think care needs to be taken not to overdo it.

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    Thank you for bringing these issues to my attention.

    Yes, the changes are still in progress. Let's deal with the most important issues first, then we can address the other things.

    1) What is happening when you try to log in to your admin? I have been logging in to numerous admins in both firefox and ie and haven't noticed any problems so any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    2) Can you give me specific examples where you have noticed the changes causing voting portals not to work properly? What is happening?

    With regards to the advertisements, we are currently just testing numerous different formats. I have been watching overall hits in and hits out for the entire system and it has not changed. For example, so far today all lists on the system have received 6,258 hits in and have sent out 34,209 visitors to members. So far today, out of thousands of visitors, 7 people (yes, seven) have clicked the new in-list ad across the entire system. From those numbers I'd say the advertisements are not driving visitors away at all. We are trying to strike a balance and things will likely continue to change (although I can say that we won't be adding even more advertising).

    The blue bar at the top - it will soon be customized to match the header of your member listing table (ie where it says Rank, Site, Rating, etc). This way it will fit in perfectly with the look of the list. It is meant to help lists grow and add value to the lists. The share function and links to join the list will help to do that. It cannot currently be turned off.

    Please reply with the requested info and I'll get on it right away. Thanks!

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    Hi, thanks for your reply.
    I have managed to log in with IE but I'm still unable to log into my panel with Firefox. Please find my PM with details.

    As for portals, I managed to vote ok the other lists I visited this evening tho' I did find it a bit slow going by the time I'd been on a few - perhaps down to the amount of cookies accumulated.

    Still not keen on the toolbar but if we got to have it is it possible to have at least one of our own user headings on it - for instance a link to a toplist-dedicated forum or blog ?

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    That is not a bad suggestion. It would require some extra programming on our part and we are up to our eyeballs in these changes still, but I will definitely consider it.

    With regards to your login issues, I'll read your pm and reply there. If I happen to find an issue that may be affecting others I'll post a resolution here (in case anyone else is following this thread).

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    By the way, the slowness you were experiencing today was our fault (mostly).

    We were doing some upgrades to the server causing it to temporarily slow down but should be all better now.

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