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Thread: Important message on my own home toplists

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    Important message on my own home toplists

    When I logged in my own home topsites, and I read a message like this:


    We have detected a significant amount of invalid traffic coming in to various top lists on the system.
    PLEASE ensure that you and your members are not using autosurf, manual surf, pay to surf, or any other types of system where people are encouraged and rewarded for clicking through to your list. Any sites caught doing this will be removed immediately.

    I do understand that, and I'm not using any autosurf or other kinds of systems to my topsites. But I only spread my topsites to people I know, and on Halloween and Horror forums. Is that okay?

    Also, may I request your permission for me to contact all of my members this "Important!" message, so they need to know please, Dave?

    Chris aka HalloweenMaster

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    The message was just a general message for all webmasters. Members get the same message when logging in to their accounts, so no need to mail them about it. I haven't seen anything regarding your site

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    Ok, that's cool!

    Just in case, I'd email to all members because if they don't know anything.

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    Re: Important message on my own home toplists

    Hi, I see that this thread is pretty old and I am a new member. I have sent messages through this system and have not seen them posted.
    Well anyway my question is regarding autosurf. Are we allowed to advertise our sites through other top sites since they do reward others for traffic.
    I hope someone responds because I do not want my site closed. If this is not allowed I will take the banners down in the sites that I have posted my topsite link in.

    Thanks for your attention

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    Re: Important message on my own home toplists

    I too have a question regarding this. One of my topsite members contacted me about this and said she was using Examiner links and wanted to know if that viloates the rules.

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    Re: Important message on my own home toplists

    Other topsites etc are fine. That announcement is mainly geared toward autosurfs, and sites that offer credits for something just for clicking a link to a top list.

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