As part of our first phase of development we have integrated the signup & login system from the main site & forum.

This means that managers or members no longer need to register twice and should also be logged into the forum automatically when logging into the main site.

This was somewhat of a task, due to the current system allowing duplicate usernames for members on different toplists.

So to get around this all members have been imported into the forum using the following template:


This only affects Forum account information and no main site information is affected.

Also manager are unaffected as the system does not allow managers to have duplicate usernames.

Also all exisiting forum accounts were removed, and replaced with your manager / member login.

we have also altered the password recovery system to email all usernames & passwords associated with the email provided to easily recover all of your accounts.

If any members encounter any issues trying to recover there account on the forum, please submit a support ticket and we will help to resolve any issues asap.