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Thread: Site of Moment and Footer

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    Site of Moment and Footer

    I really appreciate the changes coming to Gotop100. But all of a sudden my Site of Moment and Footer have gone page wide and I cannot find a way to bring them back to the 780/800 max width. Anyone have a suggestion or answer? I know it is something simple but I just cannot find the sullotion.
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    Re: Site of Moment and Footer

    I apologise for the altering of the templates, we are currently upgrading them so your sites may stretch around or shrink during this time but hopefully they will be back to normal within 24 hours.
    I will update once we have completed the upgrade and if you are still having issues we will check and fix your site manually.

    Again we apologise for the mess your sites may become in during this time.

    We will shortly also have a new set of templates, which will take advantage of new features coming soon

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    Re: Site of Moment and Footer

    Thank for the response. I thought that may be the problem but I just wanted to be sure that it was not something that I did for I have been doing some altering of the site myself.
    Thanks again and can't wait to see the new templates.
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    Re: Site of Moment and Footer

    My site of the momemt, inset html after, and footer went back to the same width but they have now gone full screen wide. It is not a real problem seeing how in the near future you are adding such great new options.

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    Re: Site of Moment and Footer

    My Site of the Moment and Footer are page wide as well.
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