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Thread: GoTop100.com - Get's A MakeOver!

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    GoTop100.com - Get's A MakeOver!

    As regular users of the site will know, the sites design has not changed in a very long time, so we have undertaken the task to re-design the whole site!

    Starting with the main site design and working our way through the system we will be re-designing everything.

    With the new design we hope to achieve something thats stylish, simple and most of all easy to navigate.

    We have made some fantastic progress with the main sites design, which you can see here: http://www.gotop100.com/beta.php

    We hope to have the main sites design go live by as early as the end of this week.

    We have also started the re-design of both the Managers & Members User Interfaces, however this is a slightly larger task as we will be re-arranging the navigation aswell as making room for some new features

    Once we have a beta link for the User Interfaces we will announce it here.

    & Last But Not Least....

    We are also currently working on a new set of templates!

    These will also be simple yet stylish and will make way for room for the widgets we are developing

    We hope you share are view and feel we are taking GoTop100 in the right direction and would love to hear from anyone with any feedback or suggestions on improving any aspect of the site.


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    Re: GoTop100.com - Get's A MakeOver!

    That design is very similiar to Webs.com. You should be also helping members with their designs

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    Re: GoTop100.com - Get's A MakeOver!

    I love it! It looks very open and friendly c:. Keep up the good work... I can't wait.

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    Re: GoTop100.com - Get's A MakeOver!

    Are you ever going to address our tickets?

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