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Thread: Bagde for Link

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    Bagde for Link

    Rather than have a simple text link for visitors to click when they want to link to my TOP 100 site, is there not a badge available? Can I make one? If so where do I place it on my admin page so my new members can get it as well?


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    Re: Bagde for Link

    Yes, you can! If you have a graphics program on your computer, that's nice; if not you can use picnik or photobucket to manipulate the image into what you want it to be. Once you're finished, upload it to your computer and go to your site's manager interface (or "admin page"). Then go to "Advanced Settings." Scroll down to the Buttons/Banners link, click it, and upload your banner there c:. Then it will be available to your members when they go to edit their account; it will be under the "Get Your Link Code."

    I hope I've helped!

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