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Thread: Banner Options, Plugins & Private Messaging - Almost Ready!

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    Banner Options, Plugins & Private Messaging - Almost Ready!

    As Promised we are working hard on development and things are coming along great!

    I have recently been testing out a few new features which I hope everyone here will enjoy.

    Probably the most anticipated feature of them all will be the Plugins system which will allow you to enable / disable available plugins to expand the features & functions of your topsite, we will also be working to document development so you can upload your own plugins.

    *Ignore the current names in the screenshot they are dummy text*


    Private Messaging
    Currently the only way for Managers & Members to communicate with each other is via email.

    So we have decided to create a Private Messaging system that will allow Managers & Members of each topsite to communicate.

    We will also be enabling this function so that Admins can communicate with both managers & members and visa versa.

    private messaging.jpg

    Banner Options
    Previously the only banner options were hosted banners which you could set a custom min / max width / height.

    We have now expanded the banner options to allow for the following formats:

    Screenshot - (Screenshot taken from the submitted website)
    Text Only - (Banner's Disabled)
    Banner - (468x90 Banner)
    Custom - (current max/min width/height)

    banner options.jpg

    Everything is still a little rough round the edges and design wise is a little bit of a mess but once everything is functioning as it should be we will be working to tackle the design.

    We are also currently working on an overhaul of the Spam Management system & Facebook / Twitter Integration, Plus the new Support System should be inplace very soon!

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    Re: Banner Options, Plugins & Private Messaging - Almost Ready!

    Private Messaging has had a huge development update today, compose, send / receive, inbox/outbox/trash folders and everything else you expect from a private message system has been integrated.
    We have also introduced Broadcast message for managers to send a PM to all members and created a PM system for members to contact managers.

    The system will also be enabled for both managers & members to contact the Admin's directly.

    We are just finishing up with permissions & admin control aswell as report PM feature to prevent spam and such, so we hope that the PM system can go live next week.

    We are also working to simplyfy the Topsite Settings, compiling all Ranking options into 1 easy panel and more settings will follow suit.

    Im really happy with the way development is coming along and once features start to be rolled out I hope you will all be pleased with the outcome.

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