Hi All,

I am new to toplists, and I'm a little confused about the auto surf, manual surf restrictions??? I own a TE and know a few TE owners and members that may want to add their TE banner here.

The way I'm reading this is eg if one of my toplist members added a banner from a TE they were promoting, and put the reciprical link on a website they own that would be OK? as long as they didn't rotate the my toplist banner on the surfbar inside any Traffic Exchanges they are promoting. . Am I correct in assuming this? Or if I added my TE banneron my toplist could I put the reciprical banner on my TE frontage or one of my blogs but not on the surfbar of my TE(not that I would do that because in my eyes that would be cheating).

Another question I have is how many banners can 1 member add is it only 1 banner per member? If not where do they add more banners to their account. I opened a test account in my name and added a banner, but couldn't find anywhere to add any additional banners. Sorry if this last question is a bit silly but like I said I've never owned a toplist before.