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Thread: My Google Ads

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    My Google Ads


    I haven't received a response from the ticket I opened or an email I sent so I'm hoping sombody here can help me.

    I upgraded my site to ad free so I could run my own Google AdSense. Upgrading did remove the GoTop ads from my site but my Google ads won't display. It looks like something on GoTop is blocking the ads from displaying.

    Looking at my Google AdSense account I see my ad is recording page views. The columns for Clicks, Page CTR, CPC, Page RPM and Estimated Earnings are all on zero because the ad isn't dispaying for people to be able to click on it.

    Is anybody here runing their own AdSense on their GoTop site and if you are can you tell me how to fix my ads so they will display please.

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    Re: My Google Ads

    I also submitted a ticket because my google ads have been removed. I'm paying to have their ads removed so my google ads can run. No response since May 25.

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    Re: My Google Ads

    May 25 is a long time to wait for a response. Even if they are having a problem getting our goodle ads to run it would be nice to be told. I can be patient when I know somebody is trying to fix somthing. But being ignored is not good customer service.

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    Re: My Google Ads

    this has happen before...they had problems with Google...and once again no response from the webmasters.

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    Re: My Google Ads

    I had a look at bidvertiser.com because they are the ads GoTop are running on their unpaid sites at the moment. Some of the reviews I read about bidvertiser.com weren't very good. Also I don't like that bidvertiser.com doesn't target the ads to the content of the site. When GoTop was running google ads, if you went to a stitching site, you got ads for stitching which the visitors are interested in and will more likely click on.

    The bidvertiser.com ads I'm seeing on non paid GoTop sites say 'Download Now, Play Now" Download what and play what? I know I'd never click on an ad like that. The other text ads I have seen on GoTop are for making money online. Also the same ads are repeated on the page over and over. Google used to show different ads on the same page.

    I wish goTop would go back to their Google ads. These ads were targeted to the content on the page. If you visited a GoTop site about books, you got ads for books. It makes much more sense to me.

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    Re: My Google Ads

    Hi, Sorry for the delay in response.

    Currently Google Adsense have disabled ad-serving to GoTop100.com at this time.
    We are currently awaiting a response to our appeal and will update everyone on this situation as soon as we know the outcome.
    We are currently trialing a mixture of other advertising & once we find one that works for us we can scale it down to be less intrusive.

    If you are looking for alternatives I would currently suggest the following networks:

    CPC Networks:

    CPM Networks:

    CPA Networks:
    Max Bounty

    Most of you would generate more revenue targetting your niche with related CPA - affiliate offers.

    However once we have finished trialing alternative advertisers we will post of results on which or what mixture of ad networks yield the most revenue.

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    Re: My Google Ads

    I just wanted to clarify -- those of you who have paid to have GoTop's ads removed, ARE the ads removed on your lists? I know that was a problem in the past, the ads weren't removed. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: My Google Ads

    Yes the ads were removed from my list as soon as I upgraded.

    Thank for the alternative ads. I will look into them but might end up waiting to sign up for anything until you recommend which was the best after your trials.

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