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Thread: voting links

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    voting links

    Hello Dave, Leah here again
    I wanted to mention to you that when people get there voting code it says:

    Insert this piece of HTML code into your file:
    (Be sure to change the IMG SRC to the location of the image on your server)

    i have people asking how to add the code because of this.
    can you delete that and just say copy and paste?
    I have been wanting to email you about this but never really had allot of time
    Thank you again for everything

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    Yes, I'll change it. That was from before when we were trying to encourage people to save banners to their own server instead of using our bandwidth.

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    A friendly reminder

    just a friendly reminder..................
    sorry i know you have better things to do but people who are computer iliterate are still asking me about saving the img.

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    Hi Leah,

    Sorry I had totally forgotten about this somehow. Actually, your post has got me wondering - why am I letting members of top lists hotlink banners and buttons from our server? They obviously have websites or they wouldn't have anywhere to put a link to the top list. If they have a web site, then they have a place to upload the button or banner and host it themselves.

    Sure, it's easier for them to just copy and paste code, rather than saving the button to their own server.... but it costs us a fortune in bandwidth! And why, because they won't spend an extra minute saving the banner or button to their own host?

    I know I have had this conversation with myself in the past, and now I can't remember why I decided to let everyone hotlink. I'll argue with myself a little more and let you know what I decide.

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    Dave, I totally understand what you are saying and I totally agree with you, and I do not want this to be a burden, but most of the sites I have on my topsites our childcare providers who pay someone to create a site for them.
    so those people have no clue what to do.............
    I would save over 70% of people ask me for help, and I have no problem helping.

    i spent allot of time in the beginning uploading their banner to my hard drive and then adding it to the topsites myself.(because they didnt know how)

    I appreciated that you changed this to where they could (hotlink) I guess you would call it??
    but i understand if you can not keep this option, if it slows the server ect.... then i wouldnt want that either....

    I do spend allot of time adding the vote code to peoples websites because they have no clue how to even follow a easy tutorial I give out, Html confuses them, so i end up adding the code to their site (which i have no problem with)

    Whatever you decide will be fine with

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    Dirty Butter
    I'd like an update on this one, too. I've been very surprised at the beginner level of many of the bloggers on our BLOG VILLAGE TopList. I've had to learn how to add our voting link to TypePad, because they didn't know how. I've been sending people Practice Board links of their home page, so they could copy the HTML to put the code for the voting link in properly. Some of them have tried to use their blog URL as a banner link. Quite a few of them leave their banners at the defaul 50x50, and I have to fix it so it looks right.

    What I'm trying to say is ... yes, they should be able to link the image to their own storage space, but quite a few of them have not a clue what those directions mean.

    If it really slows down your server, then why not tell each admin of each toplist to host their own images if they want to, or require that they be saved to the member's host if they prefer. I don't know that much about bandwidth, but I can't imagine that my almost 150 members would run me into bandwidth trouble with my host, would they???

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    It could potentially... you have to remember that if you have 150 members, and they are each getting, say, 100 visits to their site per day, then your image is loading 15,000 times per day. That is not enough to get you into bandwidth trouble... but if the image was large, and they were getting more traffic to their sites.... it could end up putting you over your bandwidth limit. For us, there are over 25,000 members on all of the top lists. Some of them get over 10,000 visits per day to their site, and they are loading the image from our server. It's not a matter of slowing it down, but more a matter of the cost of bandwidth.

    I am still undecided on this - maybe very very clear instructions on what they have to do might help. Or maybe there is a way to only allow it on certain top lists. The majority of the lists are not a problem but we do have some that are very very large, and some that abuse the system.

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