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Thread: Is there a way to keep my site #1?

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    Is there a way to keep my site #1?

    Is there a way to keep my site #1? Just curious.

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    You can just edit the number of hits in for your site.

    Click "Member List" and then click "Edit" beside your site. Change "Total Hits In" to whatever you'd like.

    Rather than doing that, I would recommend placing a banner or link to your site in the header as suggested below. This is a more ethical way of keeping your site at the top of every page.

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    Thank you.

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    Oh my... I've looked through various threads here to see if I could find an answer to my question, and it looks like this is the best one.

    I've added my site to a couple of other top100 sites (besides my own) and have noticed that my numbers aren't increasing... infact very few of the members other than the top 5 or so are. What I am wondering is... is there a way to keep admins from cheating?

    If you really want your site to stay at the "top of the list", why not put a banner in the header of your list? This way it will display on every page of your list and will be right there in people's faces no matter what page they're on. For heaven's sake... don't cheat to stay on top. :roll:

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    I made a banner and stuck it at the top of the page as you suggested.


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    Dirty Butter
    I have almost 300 blogs on my toplist, but my 3 blogs are almost always on the front page. I don't cheat, but I comment on a lot of the blogs and I vote every day! After all, they already know me, as I email them all frequently.

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